About Us

It’s almost impossible to say no to a toast of wine when around your friends and families. Aside from being a great occasion drink, certain wines are also top-notch in flavour and aroma. Through the years of trying different wine variants, we have decided to share our knowledge and experiences in the form of a blog.


Despite wines having a different reputation to certain people, it still doesn’t remove the fact that it is a healthy drink, given that you indulge in it moderately. Wines have natural antioxidants, which help cleanse your body, making you healthier and safe from common illnesses.


Wines, especially those red ones, are also known to lower bad cholesterol, which helps people with a hard time maintaining a good weight. Drinking wine regularly and moderately can decrease your chances of acquiring cholesterol-related diseases.


Another reason why we love wines is that they take care of hearts pretty well. Polyphenols are primarily in charge of this, keeping blood clots at bay. Just as always, wines can damage your body when consumed at an unstable rate.


Blood sugar regulation is also one thing we would like to point out. Thanks to resveratrol, those people with blood sugar problems can keep their levels in check when consuming wine from time to time. It mainly helps diabetic persons and those at risk of developing one.


There are so many benefits that wine provides that a lot of people choose to ignore. Just because it is a drink made for leisure and having fun, it doesn’t mean that it’s always bad for you.


If you want to experience wine for the first time but don’t know where to start, look for wineries around you. Our writers on this blog site are already adept at finding the best wine places, so you can also turn to us for help in the form of our written guides.


We may also publish specific guides about wine tasting and indicate the do’s and don’ts, especially for beginners. We especially want to help beginners because we know how hard it is to get into wine. If you want to make it into a hobby, then it’s more reason for you to trust us with our content.


We know that not everyone has the same preferences and tastes as us, so if you have your own opinions about some of our writeups, consider sending us your feedback so we can cater to your liking. Besides, we’re a community here, and we’re looking forward to helping one another.