Wine for Beginners: How to Choose the Correct One for Your First Try

It’s normal for anyone to feel intimidated by wines. With so many options in the market, you’ll have a hard time picking for your very first sip. We know that feeling because we have been there before. To make it a worthwhile and smooth experience, we want to advise you on what’s the best depending on your preferences.


Sauvignon Blanc


As a light-bodied wine, the Sauvignon Blanc is a good start for anyone because of its fantastic taste and pleasing aroma. With notes of grapefruit and asparagus, this one will hit the spot, even for those who haven’t tasted wine yet.


If you want to pair it with food, we highly recommend going for some light ones as well; veggies, meat, and herbs.


Pinot Gris


Also known as Pinot Grigio, this wine is similar to Sauvignon Blanc because of its build. It has a moderately sweet aroma, however, with hints of citrus, apple, and honeysuckle.


You can pair the Pinot Gris with your favourite light food or enjoy it after a hearty meal. Consuming this won’t make you drunk that fast, so it is an ideal drink to recommend for beginners looking for the perfect wine taste.




Many know Chardonnay as a full-bodied wine, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not a good start for Beginners. A sweet aroma containing notes of butter and citrus might smell weird at first, but for us, it is an acquired taste.


We say that you must practice caution with this wine because it can be addictive for some. Chardonnay is not that harmful to the health, but excess usage and improper drinking amounts can spell disaster for you.


Unlike the other wines, you may enjoy the Chardonnay as it is, but if you want to try it with some foods, you can experiment by yourself and come up with some good combinations. You might not know that you can find something that even we don’t know yet!




Zinfandel is a bit different. It has a fruity texture and taste, and many wine enthusiasts compare its consistency to a jam. Despite that, the Zinfandel is known to be paired with barbecues since the roast taste and aroma blend well with the wine’s characteristics.


As for its aroma, expect to be greeted with different berries.


Cabernet Sauvignon


This wine is more straightforward and a lot harder to categorize. Still, it is one of the best suggestions for beginners because of its characteristics. It is perfect for those that are looking for a challenge right off the bat.


It has a weird combination of notes; black pepper, plum, and different berries. Because of that, it jives well with meals like steak and smoked meat. Hamburgers will also do if you’re feeling extra. Just ensure you have a companion that has already tried drinking wine before so that you will be guided and limited to how many you can only intake.


We hope this helps with your search, and as always, drink moderately and responsibly. Wine drinking is a good hobby as long as you’re managing yourself well.

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